Aylesbury Canal Society

Health and safety aboard

The Rules

  1. Do not climb or travel on the roof- it is potentially very dangerous.
  2. Do not walk along the gunwales whilst the boat is in motion.
  3. Do not stick ANY part of your anatomy- including head, arms and legs – outside the profile of the boat.
  4. Do not tow or be towed by any other boat.
  5. NO SMOKING inside the boat.
  6. Non- swimmers and all children should wear the life jackets provided.
  7. In the event of a breakdown or accident telephone Aylesbury Canal Society for advice and instruction.
  8. All crew names must be recorded on the Catalina acceptance certificate. No additional crew are permitted to be carried.
  9. Boat must be locked if left unattended.

Take Care

  1. Slow down whilst passing moored boats, bridges and anglers. Create NO breaking wash.
  2. Watch out for over hanging vegetation try to avoid branches scratching your crew members and the boat.
  3. Be careful using the mooring lines, pins and hammer.
  4. When using the galley clear up any spillages and remember the hot water can be very HOT.
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