Aylesbury Canal Society

Local Area

Aylesbury lies just north of the Chiltern Hills and is a place of surprising contrasts. Extremely modern shopping areas complement Aylesbury Market, a part of the town’ life since the 13th Century. St Mary’s Church, which proudly stands above the town, lies in the ‘old town’ conservation area with its sleepy lanes and cottages.

Around every corner there’s a tale to be told – Henry VIII reputedly wooed Anne Boleyn at the King’s Head, Roald Dahl conjured up his classic children’s tales in the Aylesbury area, and his imaginative creations are now celebrated at the town’s County Museum and Roald Dahl Gallery.

In the cobbled Market Square stands the imposing statue of John Hampden – local hero and key figure in the defeat of the Royalists in the English Civil War.

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