Aylesbury Canal Society

Slipway (Dry dock)

Hire Costs
£200 excl.VAT
Haul out, first day and return to water on last day

Hire includes the use of an industrial pressure washer

Note: The calender may not have been updated immediately, so please ensure confirm with the Office

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Note all costs exclude VAT
  • £50 for each full day in the first week.
  • £70 a day for the second or subsequent weeks.
  • Electricity is metered in the dock stores. Users will be charged for the electricity required for the winch and the pressure washer and to re-charge the lift columns, the remote winch control and the portable lights as well as for electricity used directly.
  • Heating will be charged by the hour- meter stops when workshop reaches the desired temperature.
  • A deposit of £200 is required to confirm a booking. Non returnable and non transferable if booking is cancelled with less than 28 days notice.
  • All booked days to be paid.

The covered and ventilated space is also centrally heated and is accessed by a slipway and electric winch with capacity for boats up to 72ft long and weighing as much as 30 Tonnes.

At normal water levels the draught above the trolley is sufficient to accommodate a former working boat. Once inside the dock, boats are lifted off the slipway trolley with a purpose designed hydraulic lift system and placed on stands to allow the bottom to be pressure washed easily and worked on at a suitable height.

Metered single and 3-phase electric outlets are provided in each dock along with user-managed central heating, fan and light-level controls.

The essential equipment for cleaning and painting boats – access platforms, and a 220 bar/3200 psi pressure washer, are included as part of the docks hire charges.

Dock users are also provided with separate toilet and shower facilities and a rest room with equipment for coffee and light meals away from the working space.

Terms and Conditions

  • In the event that a haul out is delayed by the Society until after 14:00 the charge will cover the day following haul-out.
  • In the event that a user is not ready to be returned to the water by 09:00 on the last booked day of use, the Society reserves the right to make an overstay penalty of £200 a day, or part thereof – which may be used to compensate those held up.
  • Please note that unfortunately we are unable to cater for V bottom boats
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