Aylesbury Canal Society

Emergency Procedures


Turn off the engine. DO NOT REVERSE THE BOAT, the person in the water could be dragged towards the propeller.
Don’t panic do not jump in or let others jump in, the water is cold even in summer.

Keep sight of the person in the water at all times.

Throw a line or a lifebelt and tell them to try and stand up! They might be able to walk out. If not, help them back into the boat.


This is not a disaster! Do not try to force your way over the obstacle. Use reverse gear to back away into deeper water.

If you are firmly stuck move your crew to the stern and try rocking the boat from side to side. Try pushing off using the boat pole, but do not use it as a lever as it will break. Use the engine carefully in reverse.


If the boat appears to be losing power maybe something has fouled the propeller. Try putting the engine into reverse to attempt to throw off the obstruction.

Then forward at higher speed. Repeat a few times if necessary.

If this fails to restore the power, try to moor up. Telephone Aylesbury Canal Society 07784 540750.

Do NOT OPEN the weed hatch.


Turn of the gas at the cylinder in the bow locker. Alert everyone on board to move to a safe location. Move the boat to the towpath.

If the fire is at the gas hob use the fire blanket provided. If the fire is in the engine compartment, DON’T open the access hatch, STOP the engine. Open the hatch just enough to discharge a fire extinguisher into the engine compartment.

If the fire is elsewhere use the fire extinguishers. If someone’s clothes are alight, lie them face down and smother the flames with a wet blanket or jacket.
If you have a mobile phone call the fire brigade if you feel that the fire is out of your control.


In the case of a major fire, or an electrical problem turn off the supply by operating the two red isolation switches by the rear steps.


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